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JD Candler Commercial Roofing Projects

From Detroit to Dearborn to Troy, Macomb and beyond, our experience speaks for itself. JD Candler Commercial Roofing Company is a trusted resource for construction firms, municipalities, commercial/industry and medical facilities.


Location: Detroit, MI (Historical)
Size: 14,000 square feet
System: Carlisle EPDM Self Adhered membrane


Location: Pontiac, MI
Size: 284,300 square feet
System: Firestone TPO


Location: Port Huron, MI
Size: 12,500 square feet (9 stories high)
System: Firestone

Sheet Metal

Location: Detroit, MI (Historical)
Size: 9,100 square feet Standing Seam Metal + 21,400 square feet Shingles
System: Firestone Metal. Shingles GAF


Location: Harrison Twp. MI
Size: 47,500 square feet
System: Carlisle TPO Fleece back


Location: Livonia, MI
100,000 square feet
System: Firestone EPDM Fully Adhered with Metalspan insulated siding.

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