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J.D. Candler Roofing Offers New Roof Management Tool for Clients

We are proud to announce our new interactive roof management tool. This exciting new tool will provide greater flexibility and reporting for our clients.


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Green Roofs - Specialty Roof System

Green roofs are growing in popularity. There are three primary green roofs, Extensive, Intensive and Semi-intensive. The difference is in the thickness of the growing medium and supported plants. Very popular green roofs are “tray” systems that have fully grown plants and defined weight.

Late Afternoon Temperature Compaisons of locationsBenefits of a green roof:

  • Extend the life of the roof
  • May increase the usable area of the roof.
  • Lower utility cost.
  • Reduce water run off
  • Reduce the heat island effect
  • Provide significant LEED points.



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