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J.D. Candler Roofing Offers New Roof Management Tool for Clients

We are proud to announce our new interactive roof management tool. This exciting new tool will provide greater flexibility and reporting for our clients.


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Energy Related - Specialty Roof System

JD Candler Energy Roof SystemsEnergy is a number one concern for all building owners. Our perspective is that roofs can be a great place to produce energy and if facility managers aren’t careful a great place to lose energy. Buildings consume a third of all energy and two thirds of all electricity generated.

To produce energy JD Candler can design and install a photovoltaic system that meets your needs.

JD Candler Energy Roof SystemsA large energy saver is the use of day lighting. Lighting is one third of building electricity cost. JD Candler works closely with several day lighting companies to design the right lighting system.

JD Candler Energy Roof SystemsJD Candler Energy Roof SystemsRecent code changes require more insulation. To ensure you are getting the best return on investment
JD Candler uses Specright, a software tool that calculates the energy cost per year of your current and proposed roof system.

JD Candler Energy Roof Systems

Additionally JD Candler uses infrared technology
to discover energy loss on you roof and its components.

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